Friday, May 27, 2011


Originalll...common pic.. but i still love it! :)
i know... i know..... you all hate me... and i would hate me too. i've ignored this thing... blog as they call it. well, EXCUSE TIME! school is rotten. sooo.... i have finnals coming up..QUICK... and i've had no time like legit ask everyone... i havent even made a youtube vid in like 7 months! Gasp!!! :0 ik im shoked too. ya and facebook... thats called use ur ipod.... but i had homework on the computer and im bored. (cus taking spanish notes aren't very fun) ummmmmmmmm..... 94% (at least i think thats what it was..) on my Ginger Roger's essay- with a Very accomplished author and acedemically higher in writing skills! WELL DUH! when im writing about the bestest person in the worlddd!!!! pshh.... alrightyyy rightttyyyy wellll... i love you~ :) realy i wish i could say something but i got nothhiinn.....,  SWEETTT CORN LOLLYPOP! I got The Awful Truth, Can Can, and Daddy long legs.. along with some shirley temple movies!! YAAAAA MANN!! hahha people say i look like Shirley... don't we all? ill post a pic. idk u can chose- vote- ALASS!!! WE SHALL HAVE A POLL!!!!! yaa  boyyy! ummmmm... summers coming soo now i can be more interneticvally active.... ( is that even a word... idk i shall add it to the dictionary... one sec im calling webster{a actually did that before... im strange} ha no i didnt i have no phone by me) i called  1-800-katelyn (my name) once and it said "welcome to extravagant people nation wide. if you would like to talk to one of our unique people presss 1" (so i pressed 1... and they put me on hold... so i hung up. :p <- look at me rambling on... GUILTYYY! old...... dude im 15- DRIVING!!! thats like 3 hands... this is an emotional standpoint in my life. GAHHH!HH!!! soo i saw pirates 4 cus i just so happen to this that jack Sparrow IS my husband... along with Colin Firth.. Gene Kelly... Fred Astaire... Prince Harry (ya i went there).... ya im cool.! ;p GUESSS WHATTT? i have purple in my hair... like legit i dyed it. and no body cares. ;( ummmmmm lucy's 100 birthday and Ginger's 100th birthday is coming up! WEE MUST CELEBRATEEEEE!!!!! PAAAARRRTTTTTTTTTAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Love Ginger and Lucy with a burning passion of 100000000000 suns!!!! :)  ummmmm....... ya.... so peace aeit dawg! :p 
<3 all my love

Goergeous (why is there no pointing down arow?) well Cary and Kate (pshhh no not me :} i wish tho! )
i rdk y im showing u this.... lol but idk shirley yes orrr orrrr maybeee Margaret O'Brien?? NO! phsss! ;p

Gene Kelly as a pirate... even better! :)
I love herrr! sooo cutteee! :))