Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So i am very bust with school and stuff, soooo..... yea i haven't been on here in like forever. I really have nothing to say but.... yea today is my little sister's birthday hahah she just turned 12! Happy ground hogs day! annndddd.... Happy Valentines day! Awww.... :D So yea. O my word!!! OK i saw "The king's Speech" And i swear it is like the only modern movie (that isn't Lucy or ginger or Black and white) that i have adored! Its sooooooo good! i totally recommend it! Colin Firth = <3  but just go see it! Its amazing! I <3 British people! :D hahahah so anywho... Have a wonderful day! :D

Valentines Day pictures! :D <3

BEST MOVIE EVERR!! (from this decade) :D  My new vid... I'm such a geek! :p


  1. Hi! Tell your little sis Happy Birthday. My little bro just turned twelve a week ago today, also.
    I've always lived that picture of Jimmy and Ginger myself. They look so sweet together. I'm sure he would have been a better guy for her then some of those other losers she married!
    I've heard the "King's Speech" is pretty good...I might have to go see it with somebody;-).

  2. Good to hear from you, TRL!!!

    Hope your sis had a great birthday - one away from the 'teen-age years'...OY VEY!!! :-P

    Thaks for the info on 'The King's Speech'...I have heard nothing but great stuff about it - will probably wait for 'Netflix'... :-] costs more for one ticket than for them to send it to me, along with however many more I can cram in for a month... not sure if I'll EVER go to the movies again, unless it's a GingerFest, and/or someone FINALLY digs up 'Hat Check Girl'!!! :-]



  3. Everyone is saying The King's Speech is going to win the Oscar. I'll need to check it out!

  4. PinkGinger: hahah she says thanks. me tooo! there soo cute together! and yes definately! You have to see it it's amazing! :)

    VKMfan:she says thanks! It is very good. ya netflix is cool! :p hahahah yes that would be wonderful!

    Tom: It's amazing and it's already won 4!!! :) Best actor, Director, Movie, and Original Screen Play (i think)

  5. ya that anonymous is me tangoredlucy... it wont keep me signed in...and its kicking me out but... ya thats me