Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So i am very bust with school and stuff, soooo..... yea i haven't been on here in like forever. I really have nothing to say but.... yea today is my little sister's birthday hahah she just turned 12! Happy ground hogs day! annndddd.... Happy Valentines day! Awww.... :D So yea. O my word!!! OK i saw "The king's Speech" And i swear it is like the only modern movie (that isn't Lucy or ginger or Black and white) that i have adored! Its sooooooo good! i totally recommend it! Colin Firth = <3  but just go see it! Its amazing! I <3 British people! :D hahahah so anywho... Have a wonderful day! :D

Valentines Day pictures! :D <3

BEST MOVIE EVERR!! (from this decade) :D  My new vid... I'm such a geek! :p