Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok i know im really bad at this blogging stuff... but i got a new computer soo now i can... hopefully....ok so hmmmm..... lifes boring here. so anywhoo..... my play went great! now its the musical, this year is cinderella.. and i so wanted to be the queen, cus Ginger rogers is the queen in the movie version... but im, only bit parts in this one :'(... apperently cus i sing to softly? Whatever! soooo anywhoooo i got thousands cheer and having wonderful time for christmas.. and a few doris day movies! hahah i actually sent Doris a picture for her to sign and send back to me. its suposed to come back in 3 months and i sent this in late november...     umm i would post pictures but since i got a new computer, i lost EVERYTHINGGG!!!  ok so this is entirely random..... but....... ok Im sure most of you have watched TCM, but i just love robert osborn! ( i call him roby ozzy tehehe) and i REALLLLLLYYY wanna got to that calssic movie convention thing but i cant cus i live on the other side of the country and its REALLLYYY expensive..... so sad... but dude thats like my new dream job... to work for TCM!!! hahahah wouldn't that be something? hahaahah welll anywho whats new with uuuuuu?????? WELLL Merry belated Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love yall!!!!
~Kate~ :D