Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok so hi... sorry i havent been on lately... school is crazy.. plus!! Im in drama!! YES i got a role!! 20 lines BABYY!! the play is called Faith County.. and i got the role of (drum role please) GALDYS PIMBLETON!! YES I play the recently dumped Mayors wife.. who is an alcoholic.. and... i die in act 1! BUT still I get to play my piano! yay!!! And last week was Homecoming... sooo yeah... LOL For the pole- Pride and Prejudice won! Thats my fav too so! but Sense and Sensibility got second! Ok so the question is.... P&P 1995 BBC version or 2005 american Keira Knightly version?  Personally i  like the BBC one better but.....LOL And i saw thousands cheer! Lucy is in it!!!  i've been dying to see it! really cute! :DDD I drew a pic of Judy Garland in Art and got a 96% tell me if ya like it.. ill post a pic below! and i have nothing really better to say besides MY COMPUTER IS ALL BROKEN! so i cant make utube vids... :'( *sniffle* ... well anywho I Luvs youzzz! :D

Kiera Knightly 2005 Version

BBC 1995 Version

Judy Garland - my drawing....