Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer :(

I am soo sorry for not beging here for a long time.... I just started High School... Im a Freshman... scary yes! sooo ive been really buy! ahaha actually most of you start next week... i start this week cus... i go to a school for my religion... well i gotta say JAMESTOWN NEW YORK WAS AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!! I loved it!  hahah i saw Lucy's grave and i cried... and i saw i love lucy sets and the whole orange!!! LOL well ill show a few pics! I also went to Niagra Falls cus thats just a few hours noth of where i live and yeah..... well when we got back the first thing my dad said was ... so where's Gingers city? Maybe we'll go next year! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL Well anywho.... thew poll... it was a tie beetween Black Widow! ( Ginger is the Murderess! Aahhhhhhh THAT STILL FREEKS ME OUT! ) and Star of Midnight... very cute one!!!! LOL gotta love Ginger and Willam Holden! (i think i alwayts get those holdens mixed up!) Welllll... yeah! I am also trying out for the school play! haha im usong monolougue from stage door... the scene where Lucy's character Judy tries to swindel some chicken out of the butcher,... which is kinda funny cus im a vegitarian but.. LOL so wish me kuck! LOL and......yeah.....So LOVE Y'all!!!
Star of Midnight
Lucy... hahah and no im not Irish... LOL