Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Having Wonderful Time ( I couldn't find the one with Lucy and GInger) :/
Ok so that little poll thingy having wonderful time won ( but it was prob cus i voted for that one too) hahaha i love that movie! Ginga is a doll and Lucy is a Riot!!! LOL The next poll ( cus' these are really fun) Is Your Favorite Murder Mystery (ohhhh scary) actually i like murder mysteries of the old days! LOL  hahahaha wellllll....... i am done with Ginger: My Story! SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!! hm... i Made a vid on utube for  like a belated 'happy bday ginger' and 'happy ginger rogers day' and well there is one clip of lucy in it soo since i prob wont be able to make one for lucy's bday 'happy bday lucy'! Well, as the tittle says this is my HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! since i wont be able to on friday! Well Lucy is turning 99!! YAYAY and im going to JAmestown to celebrate ( im sooo excited) WEll Happy Birthday Lucille i love you soooooo much!! :DDD (on the first PIc, Lucy is on the right)

Follow the Fleet

Stage Door
Top Hat

Lucille Ball for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW
Five Came Back- AMAZING MOVIE!!!

My new vid:
                 ~Tailor Made~ ~Ginger & Fred~


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  3. Great stuff, Kate! Reading the info about Washington-Ginger-Lucy connection, did not know that - well, knew Ginger's link to GW, but not Lucy! That makes it even more cool that Lela helped start Lucy out in her career.

    KIG, Kate!


  4. Yes, indeed! That was probably one of the best news I've heard! About the connection, that is!

  5. Well, 'Ball' was Martha Washington's name somehow, right? pretty cool - I need to post something on the 'Ginger-Lucy-George' connection...

    BTW - voted on the poll - went with 'Black Widow' - mainly because it was about the only one I could follow! I am not too good at keeping up with plots...especially when Ginger is involved - when she appears, she IS the plot - everything else is subserviant to her...
    maybe since she was ultimately not in that one too much (but obviously played a MAJOR role) -I could pick up the plot a bit better...

    ok - hope you are well, Kate!!!

    Keep It Gingery and Lucyfied!!! (hey...that's kinda catchy! maybe I ought to start making up this stuff for a living... if I could ONLY make a living doing Gingerology, wouldn't THAT be nice!!!)


  6. Yep! Great! Ohh that one i couldn't!! It was soo shocking because i knew Ginger was the Murderess and i was soo scared... i almost lost the plot copletely! LOL I actually like A Shriek in the Night! I don't know why i do but i i do! hehe! Thanks! Same to you Huey!
    Haha it is! I like! LOL yes!