Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Having Wonderful Time ( I couldn't find the one with Lucy and GInger) :/
Ok so that little poll thingy having wonderful time won ( but it was prob cus i voted for that one too) hahaha i love that movie! Ginga is a doll and Lucy is a Riot!!! LOL The next poll ( cus' these are really fun) Is Your Favorite Murder Mystery (ohhhh scary) actually i like murder mysteries of the old days! LOL  hahahaha wellllll....... i am done with Ginger: My Story! SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!! hm... i Made a vid on utube for  like a belated 'happy bday ginger' and 'happy ginger rogers day' and well there is one clip of lucy in it soo since i prob wont be able to make one for lucy's bday 'happy bday lucy'! Well, as the tittle says this is my HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! since i wont be able to on friday! Well Lucy is turning 99!! YAYAY and im going to JAmestown to celebrate ( im sooo excited) WEll Happy Birthday Lucille i love you soooooo much!! :DDD (on the first PIc, Lucy is on the right)

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Lucille Ball for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW
Five Came Back- AMAZING MOVIE!!!

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