Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK i know I'm really late on this but my computer was broken and i couldn't do anything!!! SO HAPPY 99th BIRTHDAY GINGER! I Loves you!!! and ill share pictures below! OK so anywho... thanks to all of Y'all for following me! 6 followers! Yeah BABY! SHARE THE GINGER LUCY LOVE!!! Guess what peeplettez? My Daddy brought me home tickets to see  a reenactment of Lucy talking about her life right here in my hometown! Its even directed by Lucie Arnaz!!!!! AND AND AND AND ITS OFFICIAL! I'm going to Jamestown NY (Lucy's hometown) On Lucille's 99th birthday!!! EKKKK!!!!! hahah soooo..... yeah i can't think of anything else to say! SO GINGER, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOVIE DOVE!! :D <3

OK for this one.... look at the picture in the back! Its them in the same pose when they were younger!


  1. oh and Happy birthdya Barbara Stanwyck! :DDD

  2. Great post, TRL! Last year, I pretty much did the same as you, didn't really get much on the blog for Ginger's birthday, since I had only started it up a few weeks before...
    Great to hear you are going to Lucy's hometown on her birthday - that is COOL! I am already planning (seriously) to be in Independence on 07-16-11, VKM's 100th!!! My wife has a cousin in Kansas City, so can go see her and drive over to Independence, which is basically a 'suburb' of KC...
    Hope you have a great time at Lucy's hometown!!!


  3. Hahah yeah! Really? That sounds extreemly fun! I hope you have fun there!

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