Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok so obviously my fav peeplettes are Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers but my list after them goes.... JUdy Garland, Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly, Deanna Durbin, Kate Hepburn, Doris Day, Debbie REynolds, Bete DAvis, Shirly Temple, ummm... vivien Leigh, i like a bunch others too like claudette cobert, eve arden, bette grable, joan crawford, ingrid berman, rita hayworth, carole lombard, maureen O'hara, barbara stanwyk, vera-ellen, rosemary clooney, ann miller, ava gardner, esther williams, leslie charon, cyd charise, kathryn grayson, virginia o'brian, lana turner, and bunches more. Well, you can see by that that i can't spell at all and have bad gramar sooo bare with me! LOL :DD


  1. whoa - that is quite a list! No arguments about ANY of those... well, Kate typically raises a true Gingerologists eyebrow, but all in good fun, I reckon... also, not sure you know, but Rita Hayworth and Ginger were cousins! How, not sure - somewhat 'distant', but nevertheless... there is an old post on that over on G-ology...

    Keep up the great work, Kate!

    AAANNDD, Keep It Gingery! (KIG)


  2. Yes i know. but i liked her movies before i found out. Yes i konw! I think that is AMAZing! Did you know that Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball were cousins too? Yes, ginger's grandmother on her mom's side was either cousing or sibling to Lucille's Grandparent (i can't remeber which one at the moment) on her Dad's side! :D