Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok i know im really bad at this blogging stuff... but i got a new computer soo now i can... hopefully....ok so hmmmm..... lifes boring here. so anywhoo..... my play went great! now its the musical, this year is cinderella.. and i so wanted to be the queen, cus Ginger rogers is the queen in the movie version... but im, only bit parts in this one :'(... apperently cus i sing to softly? Whatever! soooo anywhoooo i got thousands cheer and having wonderful time for christmas.. and a few doris day movies! hahah i actually sent Doris a picture for her to sign and send back to me. its suposed to come back in 3 months and i sent this in late november...     umm i would post pictures but since i got a new computer, i lost EVERYTHINGGG!!!  ok so this is entirely random..... but....... ok Im sure most of you have watched TCM, but i just love robert osborn! ( i call him roby ozzy tehehe) and i REALLLLLLYYY wanna got to that calssic movie convention thing but i cant cus i live on the other side of the country and its REALLLYYY expensive..... so sad... but dude thats like my new dream job... to work for TCM!!! hahahah wouldn't that be something? hahaahah welll anywho whats new with uuuuuu?????? WELLL Merry belated Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love yall!!!!
~Kate~ :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok so hi... sorry i havent been on lately... school is crazy.. plus!! Im in drama!! YES i got a role!! 20 lines BABYY!! the play is called Faith County.. and i got the role of (drum role please) GALDYS PIMBLETON!! YES I play the recently dumped Mayors wife.. who is an alcoholic.. and... i die in act 1! BUT still I get to play my piano! yay!!! And last week was Homecoming... sooo yeah... LOL For the pole- Pride and Prejudice won! Thats my fav too so! but Sense and Sensibility got second! Ok so the question is.... P&P 1995 BBC version or 2005 american Keira Knightly version?  Personally i  like the BBC one better but.....LOL And i saw thousands cheer! Lucy is in it!!!  i've been dying to see it! really cute! :DDD I drew a pic of Judy Garland in Art and got a 96% tell me if ya like it.. ill post a pic below! and i have nothing really better to say besides MY COMPUTER IS ALL BROKEN! so i cant make utube vids... :'( *sniffle* ... well anywho I Luvs youzzz! :D

Kiera Knightly 2005 Version

BBC 1995 Version

Judy Garland - my drawing....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer :(

I am soo sorry for not beging here for a long time.... I just started High School... Im a Freshman... scary yes! sooo ive been really buy! ahaha actually most of you start next week... i start this week cus... i go to a school for my religion... well i gotta say JAMESTOWN NEW YORK WAS AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!! I loved it!  hahah i saw Lucy's grave and i cried... and i saw i love lucy sets and the whole orange!!! LOL well ill show a few pics! I also went to Niagra Falls cus thats just a few hours noth of where i live and yeah..... well when we got back the first thing my dad said was ... so where's Gingers city? Maybe we'll go next year! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL Well anywho.... thew poll... it was a tie beetween Black Widow! ( Ginger is the Murderess! Aahhhhhhh THAT STILL FREEKS ME OUT! ) and Star of Midnight... very cute one!!!! LOL gotta love Ginger and Willam Holden! (i think i alwayts get those holdens mixed up!) Welllll... yeah! I am also trying out for the school play! haha im usong monolougue from stage door... the scene where Lucy's character Judy tries to swindel some chicken out of the butcher,... which is kinda funny cus im a vegitarian but.. LOL so wish me kuck! LOL and......yeah.....So LOVE Y'all!!!
Star of Midnight
Lucy... hahah and no im not Irish... LOL

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Having Wonderful Time ( I couldn't find the one with Lucy and GInger) :/
Ok so that little poll thingy having wonderful time won ( but it was prob cus i voted for that one too) hahaha i love that movie! Ginga is a doll and Lucy is a Riot!!! LOL The next poll ( cus' these are really fun) Is Your Favorite Murder Mystery (ohhhh scary) actually i like murder mysteries of the old days! LOL  hahahaha wellllll....... i am done with Ginger: My Story! SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!! hm... i Made a vid on utube for  like a belated 'happy bday ginger' and 'happy ginger rogers day' and well there is one clip of lucy in it soo since i prob wont be able to make one for lucy's bday 'happy bday lucy'! Well, as the tittle says this is my HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! since i wont be able to on friday! Well Lucy is turning 99!! YAYAY and im going to JAmestown to celebrate ( im sooo excited) WEll Happy Birthday Lucille i love you soooooo much!! :DDD (on the first PIc, Lucy is on the right)

Follow the Fleet

Stage Door
Top Hat

Lucille Ball for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW
Five Came Back- AMAZING MOVIE!!!

My new vid:
                 ~Tailor Made~ ~Ginger & Fred~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK i know I'm really late on this but my computer was broken and i couldn't do anything!!! SO HAPPY 99th BIRTHDAY GINGER! I Loves you!!! and ill share pictures below! OK so anywho... thanks to all of Y'all for following me! 6 followers! Yeah BABY! SHARE THE GINGER LUCY LOVE!!! Guess what peeplettez? My Daddy brought me home tickets to see  a reenactment of Lucy talking about her life right here in my hometown! Its even directed by Lucie Arnaz!!!!! AND AND AND AND ITS OFFICIAL! I'm going to Jamestown NY (Lucy's hometown) On Lucille's 99th birthday!!! EKKKK!!!!! hahah soooo..... yeah i can't think of anything else to say! SO GINGER, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOVIE DOVE!! :D <3

OK for this one.... look at the picture in the back! Its them in the same pose when they were younger!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ginger: My story CAME!!!! FINALLYY!!! It is amazzzzing! I tottally recomend it to anyone and everyone! SOOO GOODDD!! LOL Just thought i'd say that! :p

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ginger Bio

I ordered my Ginger ROgers' Biography - Ginger: My Story- last week and they said of couseres " your package should arrive within 3 to 4 buisness days miss! So probably Tuesday!" WEll Its (well were i am) 1 hour from saturday ans still noo BOOK! GRRRRRRROWL!! >:( ... another thing a really good YT friend of mine died this week. SO, keep her familly and Friends in your prayers! :( AND I got my Best FRiend to watch Lured ( Lucy) and The major and the Minor (Ginger) ANd she LOVED it! She even wanted to see Meet me in St. Louis! ( Judy GArland) ! AHHHH YAYAY!!!! :P

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok so obviously my fav peeplettes are Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers but my list after them goes.... JUdy Garland, Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly, Deanna Durbin, Kate Hepburn, Doris Day, Debbie REynolds, Bete DAvis, Shirly Temple, ummm... vivien Leigh, i like a bunch others too like claudette cobert, eve arden, bette grable, joan crawford, ingrid berman, rita hayworth, carole lombard, maureen O'hara, barbara stanwyk, vera-ellen, rosemary clooney, ann miller, ava gardner, esther williams, leslie charon, cyd charise, kathryn grayson, virginia o'brian, lana turner, and bunches more. Well, you can see by that that i can't spell at all and have bad gramar sooo bare with me! LOL :DD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucille Ball & Ginger Rogers

Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers are my favorite people in all of history! They were amazing actors and people! I love them dearly, and im sure all of you do too! They are AMAZING; theres no othe word for it! some of my other favorites are Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Debbie Reynolds, Shirly Temple, and a bunch more! hehe :D